3 Temmuz 2018 Salı

Dell reopens to the public

dellDell will soon become a publicly traded company for roses. According to the fiscal time, a share of 22 billion dollars worth of shares will be sold in the upcoming public desire. In spite of this, founder and CEO, Michael Dell and the investment company Silver Lake, will remain in the administration.

The company was withdrawn from the stock market and became a private company with a 25 billion dollar stake in 2013. At that time shares the opacity by Michael Dell and the Silver Lake. The company had success in both the corporate market and the consumer products market with the new structuring.

The move will not prevent the company's current decision makers from protecting their control over VMware. VMware entered the company's roof on the 2015. At that time, the corporate data company EMC was also acquired to provide better service to corporate customers.

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In a statement made by Dell on the subject, there were expressions:  "Unprecedented data growth is a fuel for the digital age in information technologies. As a company, we estimate the pioneering transformation in the fields of digital, it, security and workforce for our customers with both our technology and service portfolio. "